Aviation Law

Aviation accident rules and regulations pertain to commercial carriers and non-commercial carriers, such as small planes, charter planes, business jets, military aircraft, and helicopters.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), for example, has regulations that govern the operation of air carriers and certification requirements for commercial operators.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the FAA, and other governmental agencies also investigate the cause of aviation crashes and accidents, regardless of whether commercial or non-commercial aircrafts were involved.  Specifically, the NTSB provides opinions on the causes of the accidents, but these opinions are not admissible in a court of law, and therefore parties must establish the causes of the accidents themselves in court.  Aviation accidents may be caused by pilot error, improper maintenance, or defects in aircraft design.

The purchase, sale, and financing of aircraft and the business operations of Fixed Base Operators and Part 121 and 135 Operators, can become complicated both from a commercial business and regulatory perspective.  The lawyers of Bowen, Radabaugh & Milton, P.C. have handled complex aviation accident cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, and have a thorough understanding of the applicable laws.  The firm represents clients involved in accident/incident litigation, aircraft acquisition, financing and sale, FAA administrative proceedings, as well as Part 121 and 135 operators, pilots, FBOs, and lenders.

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